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Poultry Bedding

Traditionally woodshavings have been used as poultry bedding material in chicken houses. Woodshavings were readily available and were relatively inexpensive. Also there was little else available. However, woodshavings can be dusty and are not very absorbent. Dust affects chickens respiratory system and in due course leads to various diseases.

Currently there are various different alternative beddings available. One of them is Finacard.


Finacard is finely shredded cardboard bedding and as a bedding material in chicken houses is becoming more and more popular amongst poultry keepers. There are a number of advantages of using Finacard over woodshavings as a substrate.

Finacard is dust free and very absorbent. Chickens are prone to respiratory problems from dust and from ammonia given off from droppings. It is important to have good ventilation in the coop to remove ammonia but also to use absorbent dust free bedding to absorb moisture from the droppings. Woodshavings are commonly available in pet shops and livery shops but even though most are 'dust extracted' these days, they are still not perfect and can still contain a fair amount of dust.

Woodshavings tend to get compacted. Finacard bedding stays loose and provides a good substrate that encourages scratching, a chickens most natural behaviour.

After use Finacard will do very well on the compost heap. Finacard composts readily and in matter of months will turn into lovely compost. Woodshavings takes several years to fully compost.

For the nestboxes you need something nice and soft, something which keeps the birds dry and warm. Sofnest Standard fits the bill perfectly. It is nice and cosy and comfortable for the birds to lay their eggs.

For chickens, we would recommend the Finacard Maxibale substrate plus Sofnest Nesting Material package for £17.99.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Tim Daniels of for kind assistance given in trailing Finacard in a chicken coop and in composing this page

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